Bumper sticker


For this assignment (http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/bumper-sticker/) I was supposed to create a bumper sticker. I thought that doing a twilight zone bumper sticker would be a great idea. I thought of a good quote as well. With the twilight zone, its not actually reality, there is so much more, so many more dimensions, and it makes you think about everyhing that is going on.

I edited this in photoshop.  It is worth 3.5 stars


5 thoughts on “Bumper sticker

  1. So could you mass produce these as decals for rear windows? I like the overall design (twisted!) and philosophy.

    The disconnect between perception and reality is like the disconnect between intention and perception. Some of us talked about that in the open office hours on Google hangouts this afternoon, in relation to the audio work UMW ds106ers are to be producing. Making any creative product so the viewer/listener/reader/audience perceives what is intended is the real trick. I tend to maintain that it is impossible, and that the audience NEVER perceives the product as the creator intended. The reader always reads a different book than the author wrote, etc.

    What’s your thoughts on this perception/reality and intention/perception disconnect? And how can you minimize that gap so your creative work is perceived at least close to the intention?

    –Bill #ds106 is #4life

    1. I think that is exactly right. I think everyone percieves things differently, which makes books, movies, tv shows, etc. more interesting! It is always so awesome to hear other peoples thoughts on my work, and any work for that matter.

  2. I would experiment more with color and font in this, it still looks like something done in MS Word, you want something that pops based on the design elements you focused on this week.

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