One Question

For this assignment ( I had to ask many different people the same question. The question that I asked was “If you could go anywhere in the world and money wasnt an issue, where would you go and why” I love the range of different answers that I got, and the different types of people that I asked. I recorded everyones answers seperately on Audacity, then put them all together and edited it in audacity as well. This was worth 3 stars


Radio show wednesday

Today, Rita and I wrote the script for our radio show. Kevin and Mark both did a commercial each and they are both doing the bumper. Rita is also doing the slate at the begining. I am excited to see how our audio turns out tomorrow. Everything should be recorded by tomorrow, and then kevin will compile all of our parts together. We will then all listen and edit where necessary. 

Twilight zone Haiku

For this daily create ( , we were first supposed to write our own haiku that had to do with the twilight zone and then do a dramatic reading of the poem. A Haiku is a poem where in the first and 3rd line there are 5 syllables and the middle line there are 7. I am not very good at poems, and reducing things to a certain word count, or in this case syllables, so it was a little difficult, but I think it came out not too bad! I recorded this in soundcloud.

orson welles “war of the worlds” reflection

We had to listen to this broadcast: 

They talk about how many people did not know that this was originally just a joke and it brought on a mass panic from most people. They talk about if they lived back in that time, would they believe this was actually happening as well? Honestly, I think I would definitely think it was real back then. The sounds and dramatizations sound extremely real. Even though it says it was in mars, I would have believed it. The fact that they kept going on with the play would make me believe even more. 

The big question is, is will this happen again? I could definitely see someone trying to reinacte this to try and trick people in these days, but I dont think it would work. There are way too man social media networks and phones etc that the word would travel so fast, that it would ruin the perception of what is happening. 

Radio show group meeting one

Today my group for our radio show had our first meeting. Rita was on top of things and allready had a pretty well thoughtout idea for out show so we are going to go with that. Today we oovooed and discussed what we were going to do, who was going to do what, how we were going to go about these and when we wanted to have everything done. I am in charge of helping Rita write up the script and I am also the main character in our talk show, and will probably also play some parts in our commercials. By tomorrow night, our script is to be done. Thursday we are to record our seperate parts and then by friday everything should be done and submitted!

My group seems really cool and available and wanting to help with everything! I cant wait to start the write up and recording, I feel like this is going to end up really cool and is going to be fun to do!

911 Call

For this assignment (…our-emergency/ ) I was supposed to make a fake 911 call and be the operators voice and the callers voice. It said the funnier the better, but as soon as I saw this assignment I thought of the twilight zone episode, “Time enough at last” This is where the main character just wants to read, but his wife and boss wont let him. there is then a bomb and he is the only one alive. As soon as he finds books and has all the time in the world. His glasses break. I made this using Audacity audio editing software. This was worth 3.5 stars


Family Table

For this assignment ( ) I had to do a recording of what my familys typical dinner conversations would be like. But, I had to act as everyone in my family. First I have myself talking. I was big into field hockey in highschool and always had practices. My dad is so deaf so I tried to have him saying what a lot. My mom is a teacher at our middle school (7th AND 8th grade) and she always has the wierdest stories from her class. My sister is only a year older than mebut she is big into anatomy and the medical field. Then there is my dad, who is always saying what and cant hear anything we are saying, and loves the jets and every year he says they are going all the way. This ismy crazy family, and a little bit of what our dinner table talk is like.
I recorded, and uploaded this from the soundcloud website. This is worth 2 stars

Overdramatic Reading

For this assignment (…matic-reading/ ) I found the lyrics to my favorite song currently 22 by taylor swift ( ) I recorded the song on to soundcloud and just read the lyrics. This was actually kind of difficult because I kept wanting to just sing the whole song! It sounds so wierd just being read normally, like im reading a boring book or something! This was worth 2 stars

Taylor Swift Mashup

For this assignment (…greatest-hits/ ) I was told to pick my favorite artist, and do a mashup of my favorite songs from them. Well, my favorite artist is Taylor swift, of course, So I picked some of my favorite songs of hers, that I thought would go well together, and i tried to put them together. This was very difficult, I have never really used Audacity before, so this let me get a little better acquainted with it, but I would record one part of a song, pause, then record the others, and so on, then I had to go back through and make sure to edit out the parts I did not want in and the noises that I did not want. I tried to put them together as best, and as smoothly as possible, but it was really difficult since I have never really used this before ! I used the songs: Love story, Mine, Im only me when im with you, and You belong with me. All by Taylor Swift.
This assignment was worth 3.5 stars.

Twilight Zone and Madonna mashup

For this assignment ( ) I did a mashup of The twilight zone theme song ( and Madonnas song 4 minutes featuring Justin Timberlake and Timbaland (…ist=TLusySCX_04k4)
I chose these two songs, because I wanted to do something to represent the Twilight zone series episode time enough at last. The twilight zone is just an amazing instrumental with great build up, and the theme of the episode was that he did not have enough time – but time is not everything. I picked Madonnas song because she also has great music and I thought I could put them together well.
I used Audacity audio editing to edit this piece and I tried really hard to blend the different pieces of the songs together to make it seem like one whole song. I was not able to figure out how to get rid of me clicking my mouse, but I think I will figure that out eventually.
This was worth 3 Stars